New channel!

Over the coming months Hey Bear Sensory's YouTube presence will be branching into two separate channels...

All new 'child attractive' content from Hey Bear will be released on our new channel, Hey Bear Kids.

All new 'age neutral' content will be released on our Hey Bear Sensory channel.


Older 'child attractive' content will be gradually moved over from 'Sensory' to 'Kids' so that we eventually end up with one destination for children and babies, and another destination for all ages to relax and unwind.


We hope you stay with us as we evolve and grow - for now, please click anywhere on this image and subscibe to Hey Bear Kids!! 



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Already a YouTube favourite, Hey Bear makes the best baby sensory videos hands down - approved by babies! An exciting world of relaxing videos, fun characters, music and stimulating visuals that will delight and relax your baby in 2 seconds flat!

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