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Celebrating the everyday moments in a child's life

Hey Bear Sensory was born out of a desire to create meaningful, sensory-based content for children, rooted in the personal experiences of its founders Wayne and Lucie.

Initially developed as sensory apps for their own children, they soon realised the potential to reach a wider audience when their videos gained popularity on YouTube.

Inspired by this discovery they embarked on a journey to create videos that celebrate the everyday moments in a child’s life, with catchy tunes that parents would also enjoy. The result is a collection of engaging, parent-approved content that offers a brief respite in the hectic world of parenting.

At its core, Hey Bear Sensory remains a personal, authentic brand, dedicated to crafting content that resonates with families around the globe.

Get to know our most popular characters...

Bear saying "HEY"


Meet Bear, the lovable and cuddly character who brings joy and happiness to the Hey Bear world.

With his friendly demeanor and infectious smile, Bear instantly captures the hearts of children and adults alike, guiding them through exciting adventures and memorable moments.



Introducing Avocadosaurus, a delightful and quirky character that blends the charm of an avocado with the allure of a dinosaur.

This fun-loving and imaginative creature brings a unique touch to the Hey Bear universe, engaging young minds in a playful exploration of creativity and learning.



Say hello to Pineapple, a cheerful and spirited character who adds a tropical twist to the Hey Bear family.

With its bright colors and joyful personality, Pineapple infuses each adventure with warmth and positivity, inspiring children to embrace a world full of wonder and discovery.

Mindful Moon

Mindful Moon

Say hey to Mindful Moon, a cute, relaxing character who brings a sense of calm to the Hey Bear universe.

With it’s cool colours and mellow moves, Mindful Moon features in multiple videos in our Bedtime playlist, with its co-stars (literally) Sleepy Stars!

Jun 2019

We hit 100k Subscribers & Gained a "Silver Creator" Award

May 2022

We hit 1 Million Subscribers & Gained a "Gold Creator" Award

Sep 2023

We hit 2 Million Subscribers

Oct 2023

Pineapple Plush Launched!

Nov 2023

Avocadosaurus Plush Launched!

Mar 2024

Bear Plush Launched!